About Me

Johannes Girardi
Owner Rappresentative
Gorgonia Beach Resort

"Services and the environment have been appropriately synthesized so that customers can understand the philosophy of our hospitality. With videos we've increased contacts by 40% knowing how to represent the truth!"

Alessandro Saitta
Author of the
"The Island of the Famous"

"With great care of the pictures, he works to get the best result. He has a very rare video sensitivity capable of giving a plus value to his works and projects to which he participates."

Simona Stoppa
Film Director

"I worked with Manfred in the Production of Planet Sea for the channel Rete4, which I am author and director. His footage is fluid, with good silhouette games and macro so thrust that seems to enter the body of organisms... A great trip to the underwater world."

Massimo Boyer

"Creativity and empathy with the wild animals are the two words better describing the work of Manfred: attention to what the animals are doing, attention during the approach, and a little bit of imagination are the keys to success when filming animals."

Alfredo Morabito

"We worked together with the edition of the Island of Famous. Manfred's shots have made the Caribbean even more fascinating. Great sub operator. And he's also nice!"

Johannes Girardi
Project Manager
"Parco di Wadi El Gemal"

"A lot of fantasy, great skill and great ability to center the goal of the project required. These are the qualities that allow him to create great videos."

Gigi Botta
Film Director

"I worked with Manfred in the Production of Planet Sea for the channel Rete4, which I am director. I think he is a great underwater operator with great initiative skills and a strong propensity to solve problems. I also find decisive his experience in general and in video editing particularly."

Sara Mascarin
President of "Friends of Solidarity"

"Often in the social sector, improvised videos and photos. Having with Manfred a professional collaboration has allowed us to show our professionalism with professionalism. Not a cost but a useful service to represent us."

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